Bronwen has lived in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Australia for most of her life.

Whilst always involved in art and craft, Bronwen's interest in photography thrived when her husband, purchased a Minolta 7000 camera for himself. 
He barely got to use it!  Her photographic activities have grown rapidly. Photography of families, children, weddings, animals, dance / stage and creative images form the bulk of her work and art.

Bronwen joined Southern Suburbs Photographic Society in 1995,
and the PFP Digital photography internet club in 2002.
Much of the early improvement in her skills she attributes to her involvement in these clubs.

Bronwen gained her first National acceptance and award in the 1998 Royal Melbourne Show, with an image titled
“A Touch of Magic”. 
It’s seems apt that such a title marked the start of her journey to photographic honours.  However it was not until Sept 2000, when she joined the Australian Photographic Society (APS), that she started to enter interstate National Exhibitions and set herself the personal goal of reaching APS skill honours and, subsequently, FIAP international distinctions. She gained her Master of the Australian Photographic Society (MAPS) via Panel in 2008 and her Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art, Bronze Level (EFIAP/b) in 2019.

In 2004 Southern Suburbs Photographic Society honoured Bronwen with Life Membership. The year 2005 saw Bronwen also honoured with a, Victorian Association of Photographic Societies, State Service award, SSVAPS. The Australian Photographic Society awarded her the Service to APS honour, SAPS, in 2019.

Bronwen has a supportive family who are her first priority around which she juggles the demands of her part time photography business and various photography commitments that now include judging photographic competitions in clubs, Nationals and Internationals. She also continues to succussfully enter competitions/exhibitions both in Australia and overseas.

The purchase of a Mac computer in 2002, and the addition of Canon digital SLR equipment to Bronwen's film equipment in 2005, gave her the means to further polish and create her images the way she wanted them.

So how does Bronwen view photography:

"I see photography not only as a means of creating a pictorial record but also as an art form.  As photographers we learn to “see” and hopefully produce images that are unique with our own artistic interpretation. 
I now strive to produce “art” in my images. 
I seek to be creative.

Entry into the world of offshore international salons has been a tremendous source of inspiration and stimulation.  Exposure to a world of incredible images, touched by culture, location and world events, has broadened the way I approach photography. It has pushed me to improve my photographic skills and seek to capture images that stimulate visually and mentally. I've found the “bar has been raised”……. And my learning, my goals and the fun of the journey continues…..!"


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