This area of the website is exclusively for Myworks clients who wish to view and possibly purchase photos from an event in which they were involved.
These are restricted access galleries!

Myworks Clients Area

Information about Myworks Client Galleries - PLEASE READ

When clicking on the "Proceed" button you will be taken to a new website dedicated to these galleries.

These galleries are provided for clients and groups, such as schools and workplaces, to view and possibly order copies of photos from an event in which they were involved. Access is 24 hours x 7days a week for the convenience of clients.
Each of these galleries can only be viewed by pin code access. No PIN, no access, sorry!
Each specific event / job has it's own unique pin code.
A notice containing the unique PIN code for an event/job will be ONLY be distributed to people for whom the gallery is intended.

Clients are asked to store their PIN notice carefully & to not pass the PIN to anyone!! Please ensure children especially are made aware that this PIN is NOT to be shared with other people, especially on social media.
When you have finished your viewing / print orders, Myworks ask that you dispose of/destroy the PIN on your notice such that the PIN cannot be picked up and read by others.
Access to a particular gallery can be blocked, a PIN code altered or particular photos removed from view
within minutes if Myworks is made aware of a problem!!

If you have received a pin code for an event or photography sitting and wish to view the images
please click on "PROCEED" here, or on the button above.