Maintaining a fun approach is one of the keys to natural faces in children's portraiture.
Tapping into the child's interests and sense of fun has always been the way Myworks
works with children, whether this be in a preschool, a private sitiing or in a bridal party.



The words "smile for the camera" are an absolute no no when Bronwen photographs children. Most children who are old enough and willing to comply with such a request will generally have a well cultivated "camera smile". Those that are too young or too shy to smile on request will just feel overwhelmed.

Bronwen's camera is not like the one Mum tucks in her handbag, so Bronwen's aim is to make the child forget the presence of the large camera and enjoy the games and toys that she uses to engage them.


Yes, tell them Bronwen is coming to visit, with her camera and bag of toys, and that it's going to be fun.
Avoid the "smile for the camera" discussion.
Food and lollies are not recommended during the photography. Leave the "incentives" to the photographer. Her "surprises" work well and don't result in dirty faces and clothes!
For babies and small children especially, ensure the child has been well fed and that the booking is not made for a time when the child is due for a sleep.


As of 2015 Myworks Photography is no longer offering Preschool photography services.