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Photography by Bronwen Casey EFIAP/b MAPS SAPS SSVAPS

Myworks is a Melbourne, Australia, based photography business that specialises in people photography. It is exclusively owned and operated by Bronwen Casey.

Families, kindergartens, concerts, weddings, stage performances and events have formed the majority of work covered by Myworks.

Myworks is now a fully digital photography service. Prints or digital files are provided depending on arrangements with clients. A web sales service is also available for groups involved in concert events.

Bronwen is also very involved in exhibiting her images in National and International Exhibitions. A number of these images can be viewed in the galleries. Enquiries re sales of images on this site can be made by contacting the photographer.

Among the pages of this website you will find galleries of images and information pertaining to the different areas of photography.

PLEASE NOTE : All images on this site are strictly protected by copyright and thus
may not be copied or downloaded in any form without permission from Myworks.

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