Life moves so fast that it is easy to miss just how quickly our families change.
Images of our families captured at intervals in time become precious memories.
Myworks offer private family sittings, school family photo fundraisers
and other portraiture requirements.


Highly personalised, these sittings are not done in a studio environment. Rather, natural settings such as the beach, parks or family home are the preferred locations.

These bookings involve a set of photos being taken. All photography is done with high resolution digital cameras. Photos are colour corrected and the files are provided to the family on disc. These bookings are provided under a single service cost that is based on the time involved in the photography and file preparation. Families can then organise copies or enlargements of the photos at their own time and convenience without incurring any further service premiums from Myworks.


Schools, Kindergarten's and community groups. These fundraisers both provide funds for the group and are a great way for your families to obtain professional photos at a very affordable price.

As per the private sittings, these group bookings are done in natural outdoor settings, weather permitting. Your group charges each family a sitting fee, which it keeps, and coordinates the bookings. From the photos, Myworks provide each family with a free enlargement of the photo they prefer. Families then have the option of purchasing other photos or extra prints and enlargements at very reasonable prices.

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